Under Construction to Perfection

Under Construction to Perfection

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Direct Sales

Direct Sales

We are an Australian direct marketing company, providing inbound and outbound telephone, email and SMS marketing services.  Fully based in Australia, we only use Australian residents to contact our target audience (Australian Residents). See our Services page for more information.

So what’s in a name? At UC27 we believe we are Under Construction 2 Perfection (the #7). This belief drives us as individuals and drives the culture of our company in how we provide you with exceptional marketing and business services.


Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey


For us, life and business are about the Journey, one we are all on, where there are fantastic opportunities day by day to grow, improve, expand, learn and help others.  Helping others is about giving you outcomes that help you and your business grow, improve and blossom more and more toward the realisation of its vision and purpose.  Marketing, like life’s journey, is never something that can be ignored if it is to be vibrant and enlivened.  This means that we want to partner with you for the long haul, a privilege that will demonstrate we value through providing you with services of the highest integrity and focused on always delivering exceptional value.

Perfection!  A lofty goal we know. It’s not a destination we expect to reach in and of ourselves, however it encourages us each and every day to continue to improve in who we are, in what we do, and in how we do it – particularly in every aspect of how we serve and help our clients and the community.  As a business we are strong supporters of charities help to the distressed and disadvantaged, and we seek to add positive value in all of our interactions and engagements with our clients, our partners, and those whom we support. We value your feedback if there are areas where you believe we can grow and improve more.

Making a life-long journey requires a map, a guidebook, and principles to guide us. At UC27 we have chosen to build our company on biblical principles and values which we believe are the best foundation to build upon. These excellent principles and values which are foundational in UC27’s culture,  and the  hundreds of years of professional marketing and business management experience  our team deliver, make UC27 an excellent choice for direct marketing services. We believe the best choice!


We’ve included profiles on some of our leadership and staff team below so you can get to know us a little better:

Garry Wingreen (Company Director)

Garry is the founder of UC27 and is currently the company sole Director. Garry brings over 38 years of experience in marketing, business and IT management, and technology solutions provision to the UC27 team.  Garry is a strong supporter of a number of charities and enjoys helping in projects that help communities impacted by natural disasters, poverty and disease.

Joyce Scott (Marketing Team Leader)

Joyce has over 20 years experience in direct marketing.

Dallas Edwards (Marketing Agent)

Dallas has over 15 years experience in direct marketing.

Sue Yates (Marketing Agent)

Sue is new to the industry but has picked up really quickly and is one of the top 3 agents.





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